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Current Issue: April 2015
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Project: RGA Headquarters
Part 1: RGA Headquarters Balances Focus Work With Knowledge-Sharing
Part 2: Unassigned Private Offices, Workplace Traffic Flow Are Key To Open Office Design

Ask An Expert: Joanne Cleaver, Women in Leadership
Part 1: The Business Case for Developing Women In Leadership
Part 2: Identifying and Remediating Reasons Qualified Women Leave
Part 3: How Mentoring Should Be Pursued and Structured
Part 4: First Steps For Scoping Out Women's Initiatives

Green Building Report
Part 1: Building’s Energy Efficiency, Occupant Comfort Are Related
Part 2: Occupant Response Measures Must Figure in Building Evaluation
Part 3: Buildings’ Data Helps Reveal Effectiveness of Energy Use
Part 4: AIV Metric Can Build Accountability into Building Performance
Part 5: LEED Dynamic Plaque Is a Paradigm Shift in the Making

Roof Maintenance
Part 1: What Facility Managers Need To Understand About Ice Dams
Part 2: Ventilated Roofs Can Prevent Ice Dams
Part 3: Ice Dams: Underlayment and Metal Roofs Can Protect Against Problems
Part 4: Stopping Ice Dams: Super-Insulated Roofs and Snow Melt Systems
Part 5: Another Ice Dam Option: Snow Melt Systems

Part 1: Options for Hard-Surface Flooring Include Vinyl
Part 2: Find Best Flooring for Your Needs: Rubber, Linoleum, and More
Part 3: Critical Flooring Issues Include Quality, Installation, Maintenance

Energy Efficiency
Part 1: Timing, Scope Are Critical In Considering Deep Energy Retrofits
Part 2: Deep Energy Retrofit a Chance to ‘Re-Market,’ Re-Think a Building
Part 3: Project Size, Non-Energy Components Are Important in Deep Energy Retrofits

Power Reliability
Part 1: Back-Up Generator Meets Demand for Continuous Availability of Power
Part 2: Costs and Risks Involved in Generator Purchase
Part 3: Others Ways for Improving Power Reliability Include ATS, UPS
Part 4: Power Reliability Showcase Products

Part 1: Technology Updates Could Signal Need for Lighting Upgrades
Part 2: White LED Lamps Are Biggest Recent Development in Lighting
Part 3: Energy Codes, Technology Improvements Driving Changes in Lighting
Part 4: New Lighting Technology Can Bring New Challenges

Women in FM
Part 1: Networking, Platform, Mentors Can Boost Women in Facility Management
Part 2: Sponsors, Career Strategy Can Help Women in Facility Management
Part 3: Core Values, Communication Also Important in Advancing Women in Facility Management
Part 4: Women in Facility Management: Role of Mentors, Sponsors, Gender-Based Assumptions
Part 5: Women in Facility Management: To Grow Careers, Avoid Self-Defeating Attitudes and Take Charge
Part 6: Career Tips for Women in Facility Management: Don't Overstay; Build Credentials

FM Strategies: Workplace Violence
Part 1: Workplace Violence: Eight Questions Facility Managers Should Answer
Part 2: Planning, Drills, Communication Can Combat Workplace Violence
Part 3: Look For Red Flags For Violence In The Workplace

Innovative Products: Doors and Hardware

Product Gallery


Building Automation Systems
Part 1: BACnet Systems Can Trim Total Cost of Ownership
Part 2: How BACnet Protocol Offers Efficiency, Ease of Operations
Part 3: BACnet Data Access, Commissioning, Maintenance Are Key Tools

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