Current Issue: August 2014
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Building Smart and Social Buildings
Part 1: Internet of Things Can Enable Smart Facility Environmental Controls
Part 2: Using Social Media For Facility Maintenance, Emergency Response
Part 3: Smart Building Systems Beyond HVAC

FMXcellence: Core Values
Part 1: FMXcellence Winners Make A Big Impact By Tackling Business Priorities
Part 2: Advance Work Critical To Successful Delivery Of Leon County Public Safety Complex
Part 3: 'Students First' Program Shapes Des Moines Public Schools' Facility Management
Part 4: U.S. Customs and Border Protection Meets Multiple Objectives With Modernization Project
Part 5: Keeping George Washington University's Core Mission In Mind Helps Facility Department Meet Green Goals
Part 6: Westminster Schools' Energy Efficiency Efforts Are Born From Successful Water Project
Part 7: FMXcellence: See Videos Of The Winners

FM Strategies: Open Office Plans
Part 1: How to Muffle Noise Issues in Open Offices
Part 2: Sound Strategies for Open Offices

Project: Zipcar Headquarters
Zipcar Aims For Collaborative Community In New Headquarters

Green Healthcare: Energy Efficiency
Part 1: Data Helps Sell Energy Efficiency Efforts In Healthcare Facilities
Part 2: Understand Where Energy Is Used To Maximize Benefits Of Healthcare Efficiency Efforts

Close-Up: Security
Part 1: Make Security Planning A Priority During Building Design
Part 2: Building Owner Needs To Take Lead Role In Prioritizing Security
Part 3: Focus On Zones Of Control And Protection To Minimize Security Gaps
Part 4: Bringing IT Onto The Security Team

Restroom Design: Seven Tips For Handling High Traffic
Part 1: Strategies For Handling High-Volume Restroom Traffic
Part 2: Visual Factors Help Guide Facility Visitors To Restrooms
Part 3: Material Choices Greatly Affect High-Volume Restroom Durability
Part 4: Touch-Free Systems Can Help Keep Up With High Restroom Traffic Volume

Critical Facilities: Response By The Book
Part 1: Developing, Validating Emergency Operational Procedures Reduces Risk In Critical Facilities
Part 2: Develop Site-Specific Emergency Operating Procedures For Critical Facilities
Part 3: Training Helps Mitigate Risk During Critical Facilities Failures

Showcase: LEDs
Part 1: Managing Multiple Lighting Options With One Control System
Part 2: Balance Cost Efficiency, Functionality To Decide Correct Lighting Options
Part 3: Multiple Types Of Lighting Can Complicate Daylighting Efforts
Part 4: Showcase Products: LEDs

Innovative Products: HVAC

Gallery: New Products


CEIR: Defining Resilience In Roofs
Part 1: Go Beyond Minimum Requirements To Keep A Roof Resilent
Part 2: Resilient Roof Systems Can Be Designed To Handle Higher Wind Speeds Than Codes Require
Part 3: Daylighting, Energy Production Are Among Energy Possibilities Of Resilient Roofs

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